Olifant Films collaborate with some of the best filmmakers to make your film unique.



We have a multitude of experience on developing corporate and event videos. We use all our tools to design and promote your company videos. View some example on latest projects.


Make it look good and deliver a high end product is a necessity. We have a team to develop and produce commercials adapted to your needs.


Animation is today a major part of the branding within many successful companies. We are proud to have a great illustrator and animator on our team. View our latest animation project on latest projects.


Some of our professionals work on feature films, short films, music videos or any kind of fiction film. If you need any professionals for your project contact us and we will provide it.

Giving Solutions


1. Contact us and let us know what is your project. We will give you the best options to help you out.

We will provide you all the information that you could need to decide which are the best options to optimize the best result.


2. When you have decided on the possibilities of your project requirements, we brainstorm creative solutions. We will present a few different ideas taking into account your brief, budget and beliefs. No commitment or cost.


3. If you like the ideas then you commission us. Budgets are always agreed in advance.


4. We develop your film from start to finish and accommodate all the crew and equipment necessary to make it happen. As always, you remain in total control of the final film.